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CLIENT: Brisbane City Council
INDUSTRY: Local government, QLD
TYPE OF PROJECT: Flood gate restoration
WHEN: (when work commenced and when project was finished, or duration of project)
VALUE: $145,000


Residents on Gailey Road, Toowong in Brisbane’s inner west reported unpleasant odours coming from a flood gate outlet into the Brisbane River. Brisbane City Council engaged PMA to develop an innovative solution to clean the flood gate, sump and outlet pipes to restore flow and remove the offending odours.


The flood gate outlet directly interfaces with the tidal Brisbane River. Environmental values for water quality released into the Brisbane River were of paramount priority, particularly for turbidity and suspended solids.

PMA needed to find a solution that would enable the work to be done and the problem solved as quickly as possible without letting contaminants enter the Brisbane River water system. This required PMA to design and construct a sediment retention / water settlement basin in the work area to reduce the flow of the water and allow for settlement of sediment.


To quickly solve this delicate problem, PMA called upon its portable GeoDesign Barrier Dam system to temporarily dam the site and create a work area free from inundation. To maintain the dry working area, pumps were set up to bypass the incoming flow of water around the GeoDesign Barrier Dam downstream and into the Brisbane River.

Using the Barrier Dam system, functional work hours were increased from a three-hour low tide window to a full day, during which debris removal could be performed. The barrier dam prevented incoming tidal water levels of up to 2.2 meters and the project was completed without any instances of environmental non-conformance.


PMA removed over 200,000L of sediment-laden material from the flood gate and outlet pipes over the eight-day project period. Over that period we moved three or more truckloads of sediment material offsite every day.

Once the work was completed, all flood gates were tested from 0% – 100% operating range and were determined to once again be functioning as intended. PMA recorded and delivered a detailed condition report to Brisbane City Council for the pipe network and floodgate infrastructure.
PMA safely and efficiently delivered this project:

  • within a highly urbanised and sensitive environment;
  • within the forecast time and cost schedules; and
  • without incident or community complaint.



CLIENT: Tweed Shire Council
INDUSTRY: Local government, NSW
TYPE OF PROJECT: Culvert cleaning
WHEN: (when work commenced and when project was finished, or duration of project)
VALUE: $10,500


Tweed Shire Council contracted PMA to deliver safe and efficient Culvert Cleaning under Tweed Coast Road in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The 4x under-road culverts were 100% of heavy silt and debris, including roots.


Conducting Culvert Cleaning under busy carriageways can be a hazardous task due to the nature of the work involved. Culvert cleaning involves cumbersome manual handling of difficult materials in a confined space, where there is a constant risk of exposure to fumes from the busy road above.

The Northern Rivers region is also a significantly environmentally sensitive area. The intermittent creek feeds directly into Cudgen Creek, a well-known and highly visible estuary. As such, maintaining visual acuity downstream of the work area was paramount.


To solve the problem for Tweed Shire Council, PMA employed its Microtraxx Remote Culvert Cleaner, a highly efficient machine that specialises in unmanned entry into culverts to clear high volumes of debris. PMA deployed the Microtraxx because it is specifically designed to work in environmentally sensitive areas. It runs on a biodegradable synthetic oil, which enabled PMA to pre-emptively minimise the effect of any possible spills or leaks during operation.
By operating the Microtraxx from a safe and well-ventilated area, PMA was able to efficiently and thoroughly clean the four 4m x 2m culverts and return them to fully operational status in 4.5 days. PMA achieved this with no manned entry into the potentially dangerous work area, which solved the problem while greatly reducing risk.


By tailoring a solution that specifically addressed the immediate needs of Tweed Shire Council, PMA was able to clear 360m3 of silt and debris from the four culverts under Tweed Coast Road and return them to full functionality in 4.5 working days. This was made possible due to PMA having highly skilled operators and the best equipment to rapidly solve the problem for Tweed Shire Council. PMA’s Microtraxx Remote Culvert Cleaner removed 100% of the sediment build-up that was blocking the culverts, allowing full flow for the upcoming wet season.



At PMA, we believe that innovation and communication are key to providing clients with a mutually beneficial outcome over the life of a contract. As part of the Brisbane City Council Ancillary Stormwater Asset Cleaning and CCTV Inspection contract that PMA has been servicing over the last five years, we have taken specific steps to meet in person with BCC staff to explain the work that we are doing for council. This saw PMA conduct an open day where council officers could get up close and personal with the PMA fleet of trucks and equipment and learn more about our capabilities.

To build on the PMA-BCC relationship, our open day allowed BCC managers and technical officers to view first-hand the capabilities, attachments and equipment available for hire during the term of the BCC Stormwater Asset Cleaning and CCTV Inspection contract. On the day, PMA provided subject matter experts who imparted detailed knowledge about the operation and use of the available suite of root cutting nozzles, penetrators, impact nozzles and warthogs that PMA employs to clean BCC’s drains.

The open day also gave PMA the opportunity to present the latest additions to the fleet servicing the BCC contract, including our purpose-built Spoutvac combo unit, and GPT 1, a support unit designed specifically for improving ease of access into Gross Pollutant Traps. Both units were selected to fill a niche in the BCC contract and ensured that PMA was providing cutting edge
solutions and best practice service to BCC through value-adding initiatives over the course of the contract.


The open day was a resounding success for both PMA and BCC. PMA was able to communicate to eight BCC employees fundamental knowledge regarding the capabilities of vacuum trucks, their attachments and support vehicles. This helped BCC to improve decision making processes in the work request phase moving forward.


Large Combination Drain Cleaning Units/Recyclers

Our range of Large Combination Drain Cleaners are the most diverse vehicles in our fleet. Both Australian and internationally made and built to withstand local conditions, our Large Combo Drain Cleaners are ideal for hydro-excavation tasks and general pipe cleaning and maintenance.

With a heavy vacuum loading and liquid removal capacity, our fleet boasts trucks 8,000-litre debris tank, combined with 5,000 litres of jetting water, which enables it to handle any hydro-excavation job. With a 269 litres per minute jetter, at 2200psi, our units are capable of blasting away high levels of large debris and sludge build-up.

Suitable for stormwater, sewer, conduit pipe clearing and cleaning, we also utilise the Combo Drain Cleaners for gross pollutant trap and culvert cleaning. They have a range of capabilities for pipe cleaning with high pressure jetting, attachments such as root cutters, chain flail and warthogs. The hydro-excavation pump on board are top of the range, with a capacity of 31 litres per minute at 4000psi. Capable of handling regulated waste, our Combo units are a fantastic all-rounder that can tackle larger jobs.

Our fleet includes a large range of recyclers and combination drain cleaners including top of the range models from Cappellotto, DCS, Kroll and Spoutvac.



The PMA Hydro Excavation fleet is well equipped for smaller vacuum and hydro excavation jobs. With a debris tanks ranging from 4000-6000 litres and the ability to also clear pipes and conduits up to 150mm, the variety of NDD trucks is perfect for smaller tasks. These trucks are a variety of Hydro Excavation units which are also ideal for high pressure cleaning and waste removal on bikeways and footpaths using the high-pressure Water Mower on board.

At PMA we employ the Hydro Excavation fleet for bulk mud/silt removal from ponds, basins and construction sites. It also has strong capabilities for Hydro Excavation and pot holing for services. These units are also used for gully basket and box cleaning, and any jobs that require tight access.

Micro Traxx Remote Culvert Cleaner

Micro Traxx Remote Culvert Cleaner

The MicroTraxx Remote Culvert Cleaner is perfect for applications with restricted access or hazardous debris, or in scenarios where manned entry is not an option. Capable of entering box culverts from 900mm up in size, and round pipes from 1200mm in size, the MicroTraxx Culvert Cleaner is ideal for bulk material movements for culvert cleaning applications across most of Australia.

Completely water-free, the MicroTraxx utilises a biodegradable oil that is environmentally friendly for use in water ways and aquatic locations.

Luke Moore

Luke Moore,

In his 24 years’ experience in the sewer and stormwater industry, Luke has developed an international reputation as one of the leading pipeline inspection and pipe rehabilitation personnel through working across Asia, Europe, the US and Australia/ New Zealand. Prior to joining Justin to form PMA, Luke owned/ owns and managed a specialist Sewer and Stormwater CCTV business, IC Pipes. Luke manages the Queensland branch of PMA and ensures the ongoing development PMA’s capability and management of CCTV data.

Justin Johansen

Justin Johansen,

Justin has over 20 years’ experience in industrial services and drain maintenance industries. After a decade of working in the industry managing large teams and projects, he set up Just Waste Solutions to provide specialised advice on major industrial projects, in particularly waste slurry
management and treatment, dewatering and vacuum technology. In 2010, Justin and Co-Director, Luke Moore, started Pipe Management Australia with a simple vision, to always provide the right solution for clients.

Phil Symons

Phil Symons,
General Manager Corporate Services

Phil joined PMA in 2015 as National HSEQ Manager and moved into the role of General Manager role in mid-2018. He brings over 30 years of major infrastructure project delivery experience to PMA, covering the civil construction, mining and project services industries.

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