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Pipe Management Australia is a leading utilities management service provider operating on the east coast of Australia that was formed with a simple vision: to consistently provide the most effective solution for clients. For over 20 years we have been helping cities, councils and private organisations to identify, solve and maintain the flow of stormwater and sewer drain networks.

At the helm of PMA is over 100 years of combined experience in navigating and anticipating the problems faced in the service and maintenance of utilities. Our Directors, Luke Moore and Justin Johansen, each bring to PMA over 20 years of specialised experience in the sewer and stormwater and industrial
services and drain maintenance industries. The PMA management group draw on this lengthy industry experience to lead the highly skilled and hard-working PMA team.

Our fleet of purpose-built, highly versatile drain cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation units are designed for cleaning and repairing all types of pipes, culverts and GPT devices. We provide a broad range of services and utilise innovation and modern equipment to deliver time-critical results to exacting standards.

Our forward-thinking, solutions-focused approach to solving problems has seen PMA grow from a small team in Sydney to nearly 200 highly skilled experts across the east coast of Australia. Engaging PMA for your next project goes beyond simply choosing a supplier; by choosing PMA you are choosing to get proactive to address and eliminate site-based issues before they arise.

From the centre of our oldest cities to Australia’s largest local council, PMA works safely behind, below and above the scenes to keep our communities flowing freely. From carefully uncovering hidden utilities to reliably managing major amenities, PMA is always working to keep you one step ahead – whatever is required.

Our Leadership


PMA Board

Pipe Management Australia’s board is made up of its CEO and Directors. They include:

Justin Johansen,

Justin has over 2.5 decades experience in industrial services and drain maintenance industries. After a decade of working in the industry managing large teams and projects, he set up Just Waste Solutions to provide specialised advice on major industrial projects, in particularly waste slurry management and treatment, dewatering and vacuum technology. In 2010, Justin and Co-Director, Luke Moore, started Pipe Management Australia with a simple vision, to always provide the right solution for clients.

PMA Board

Pipe Management Australia’s board is made up of its CEO and Directors. They include:


Luke Moore,

In his three decades experience in the sewer and stormwater industry, Luke has developed an international reputation as one of the leading pipeline inspection and pipe rehabilitation personnel through working across Asia, Europe, the US and Australia/ New Zealand. Prior to joining Justin to form PMA, Luke owned and managed a specialist Sewer and Stormwater CCTV business, IC Pipes. Luke manages the Queensland branch of PMA and ensures the ongoing development PMA’s capability and management of CCTV data.

The PMA Story


  • IC Pipes was founded in Sydney’s West


  • Pipe Management Australia is started by Justin Johansen and Luke Moore


  • PMA responds to the Christchurch Earthquake


  • PMA responds to the Brisbane Floods


  • PMA establishes their first Queensland Service Centre


  • PMA secures rights to Australia’s only MicroTraxx Culvert Cleaning Units


  • PMA becomes the preferred contractor of stormwater services for the City of Brisbane


  • PMA opens Miles, QLD branch to support the Origin Energy pipeline


  • PMA opens the first Sunshine Coast branch


  • IC Pipes secures Sydney Water contract with Comdain Infrastructure


  • PMA fulfils Curtis Island – Bechtel contract in QLD


  • Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Service Centre established


  • PMA and IC Pipes join together with Headworks as Pipe Management Australia


  • PMA commences ongoing operations in Victoria with the opening of their first Melbourne office


  • PMA commences ongoing operations in Central Queensland based out of their first Gladstone Service Centre.


  • PMA acquires Cleanwater Group adding to an already extensive suite of stormwater solutions.


  • PMA opens dedicated Brisbane Service Centre in Rocklea, QLD


  • We will continue to grow through innovation and delivering great service outcomes for our clients.

A New Era in Pipe Management

Pipe Management Australia brings together the powerful synergy of three entities working as one team, one company, with one vision.

Founded in 2002 by Luke Moore who is widely considered as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable industry leaders in Australia, IC Pipes started with a single camera van in the Western suburbs of Sydney, NSW. IC Pipes has delivered CCTV services across Asia and Australia including two floods in Brisbane within three years. Innovation has remained a core value for IC Pipes, including The RACER sonar and CCTV technology for drains. As a result, IC Pipes has continued to grow and pioneer new technologies to make the industry safer, more affordable and efficient.

Luke Moore and Justin Johansen partnered together to buy a vacuum truck in 2010 and Pipe Management Australia was born. The newly formed company grew significantly with high profile projects including the Christchurch Earthquake and Brisbane Flood recovery efforts. The team now has over eight years’ experience on delivering stormwater maintenance for Australia’s largest council, Brisbane City Council and over 15 other local government areas on the East Coast.

Headworks Australia

Headworks Australia was formed in 2020 as a mechanism for a nationally recognised water utility to partner with private industry.
In 2020, the three companies joined together to form the all-new Pipe Management Australia to provide an ever-growing suite of stormwater, sewer and civil services across Australia. Luke Moore, Justin Johansen and a representative of Headworks Australia, make up the board for PMA.

PMA Core Values

The following core values capture the essence of what it means to be a PMA team member:

  • Teamwork:

    We attract and engage professional people who are aligned to working towards achieving success as a team
  • Service:

    We are committed, passionate, enthusiastic and appreciate the trust our clients give us to provide value for money innovative solutions
  • Safety:

    We strive for best practise in Health & Safety and are focussed on the Wellbeing of the Environment
  • Respect:

    We respect each other, our clients, and the communities we are lucky enough to work within as well as our equipment


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