High-Quality CCTV Pipe Inspection in Melbourne

You can rely on our CCTV pipe inspection services in Melbourne if you are looking for a cost-effective way to find the cause and degree of your drainage problems. Since our inception, we have provided quality solutions to blocked or damaged drains and pipes. At Pipe Management Australia (PMA), we boast over 20 years in the industry and a combined experience of over 100 years across our leadership team. As such, our team are equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver a diverse range of CCTV Pipe Inspection services throughout Melbourne, across Victoria, and right the way up the East Coast. 

We established the business with the vision of consistently providing the most effective solutions to our clients. As such, you can rely on our highly qualified team to inspect pipes at your home, commercial or industrial premises. Over the years, we have helped cities, councils and private organisations to identify, solve and maintain the flow of stormwater and sewer drain networks. So, do not hesitate to call us when you have a drainage problem.

CCTV Pipe Inspection Experts in Melbourne

Our State Manager, Christian Dummitt leads our CCTV pipe inspection team in Melbourne. With Christian’s background in pipe rehabilitation, his leadership ensures PMA delivers the most relevant solution every time. We can fulfil all your inspection and drain maintenance needs. At PMA, we can inspect and repair all types of pipes, culverts, and GPT devices. We know that CCTV pipe inspection is critical for councils, utilities and pipe asset managers. The process helps them ascertain the actual condition of the pipes running under the cities and suburbs to plan maintenance.

We have heavily invested in the most advanced technology and experienced operators. We can inspect a range of pipe sizes beyond 90mm in diameter. At PMA, we work closely with local councils, water authorities, and civil infrastructure leaders to offer CCTV pipe inspection services. We provide solutions that identify the problem’s source, helping us recommend the best treatment method.

CCTV Pipe Inspection Melbourne
CCTV Pipe Inspection Melbourne

Reasons to Choose Us as Your CCTV Pipe Inspection Provider in Melbourne

At PMA, we assist asset owners who wish to build over stormwater or sewer inspection points. Our CCTV pipe inspections in Melbourne will help them avoid damaging underground pipes during construction. Do you want to assess your assets’ maintenance requirements, upgrade options, and long-term structural integrity? We are your first point of contact before starting any work. We are professionally trained to ensure the most effective and economical approach to servicing your pipes and drain networks. 

PMA offers custom-designed specialised programs, giving the internal conditions of your assets. With a diverse technology toolkit that includes CCTV Tractor Units, Quickview, Pushrod, Sonar and manhole scanning technology, PMA is equipped to serve the full range of pipe inspection needs. We will record any defects and help you determine the structural integrity and serviceability of the asset. After the inspection, we will deliver a pipe inspection report, and advise on the best option to ensure that your network is operating at optimum hydraulic capacity. We also offer drain cleaning and maintenance services with the most advanced methods and tools and ensure minimal disruptions to surrounding property.


Pipe Management Australia is ready to support you with our advanced Pipe Inspection Technology. If you need Pipe Inspections in Melbourne or across Victoria, make Pipe Management Australia your preferred supplier.


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