PMA’s Drain Buddy is a fully custom drain gully insert designed to catch litter and debris before it can get into the stormwater network.

The Plastic Problem

Stormwater drains are designed to catch excess rain and groundwater, to prevent flooding in urban streets, but they can also catch debris and plastic litter. These drains lead into our waterways, meaning whatever goes in – water or other – either becomes pollution in our oceans or gets lodged inside the pit, increasing the risk of flooding. Polluted oceans and waterways threaten the environment, and drains blocked by rubbish and/or organic debris can be costly to clean.

Why Drain Buddy?

The Drain Buddy is designed to stop litter before it enters the stormwater network. Once debris and litter makes its way into drains, it can cause blockages and be more costly to locate and remove. It can then make its way into the ocean where plastics break up but don’t break down, resulting in microplastics that end up in the food chain.

The Drain Buddy comes in a range of sizes and sturdy materials. It can be retrofitted to any drain gully, capturing litter without impeding hydraulic flow.

A Friend For The Environment

PMA partners with Tangaroa Blue, an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris: one of the major environmental issues worldwide. Volunteers from Tangaroa Blue assist in sorting and counting litter and plastics collected from Drain Buddy units and include the data in the Australian Marine Database Initiative (AMDI) Database. This project aims to capture data at a national level for stormwater debris before litter makes it into our waterways.

Litter Caught, Data Captured

Included with PMA’s Drain Buddy maintenance plans are our data reporting service through ArcGIS – allowing you to view a report on every Drain Buddy that is installed, including mapped location, as well as before and after photos for each clean. This data enables us to:

  • optimise service frequencies;
  • accurately forecast schedule and costs;
  • reduce site inspection time;
  • understand key risks; and
  • implement targeted and effective waste reduction plans.

How Does It Work?

Once the modular Drain Buddy System is installed, it will collect any debris or litter that flows into the drain gully. Depending on the location and amount of litter in the catchment area, the Drain Buddy will need to be inspected and cleaned every 3-6 months. PMA provides maintenance plans that are available with the installation of the Drain Buddy.



From food processing to plastic manufacturing and every industry in between. Plastics and waste can make its way into the stormwater network from any of these sites. Drain Buddy can capture litter and help companies adhere to EPA requirements.


Plastic pie wrappers and drink bottles can quickly make their way from the school tuck shop and onto the ground, then into the stormwater network. Installing Drain Buddy in schools, TAFE Colleges and Universities is a great way to protect the environment, and presents some great learning opportunities for education in Environmental Science classes.

Community Groups

Local Community Groups can apply for government environment grants to have the Drain Buddy installed and show their commitment to the environment. Whether it is sporting groups, Landcare or Waterway groups, they can each make a significant impact in reducing plastic litter.

Asset Managers

From asset managers within government departments through to significant infrastructure projects, installing Drain Buddy can make their job easier in the long run by reducing maintenance costs.

Local Government

PMA works with numerous local councils to maintain their stormwater networks from drains through to Gross Pollutant Traps. Installing Drain Buddy at each council managed drain gully can greatly reduce harder to reach blockages further in the network.


Designing the Drain Buddy into new communities and housing developments can be a great way to emphasize the environmental aspects of a new build while keeping surrounding creeks and rivers clean.


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