PMA owns and operates a growing fleet of purpose-built drain cleaning units designed for cleaning and clearing all types of pipes, culverts and GPT devices. Our fleet continues to grow and currently numbers are in excess of 35 drain cleaning units, through which we provide a broad range of services, utilising innovation and modern equipment to achieve professional results.

In growing our fleet, we place an emphasis on modern, innovative equipment. The PMA fleet boasts a number of the latest model vacuum trucks and hydro-excavation equipment with a diverse array of capabilities. PMA’s purpose-built drain cleaning units are designed for cleaning and clearing all types of pipes, culverts and GPT devices. In addition, PMA owns and operates purpose-built telescopic grabs for deep inaccessible GPT cleaning and hook lift truck capability. Here’s a look at some of the stars of the PMA fleet of vehicles

  • Recycler
  • Micro Traxx Remote Culvert Cleaner

Large Combination Drain Cleaning Units/Recyclers

Our range of Large Combination Drain Cleaners are the most diverse vehicles in our fleet. Both Australian and internationally made and built to withstand local conditions, our Large Combo Drain Cleaners are ideal for hydro-excavation tasks and general pipe cleaning and maintenance.

With a heavy vacuum loading and liquid removal capacity, our fleet boasts trucks 8,000-litre debris tank, combined with 5,000 litres of jetting water, which enables it to handle any hydro-excavation job. With a 269 litres per minute jetter, at 2200psi, our units are capable of blasting away high levels of large debris and sludge build-up.

Suitable for stormwater, sewer, conduit pipe clearing and cleaning, we also utilise the Combo Drain Cleaners for gross pollutant trap and culvert cleaning. They have a range of capabilities for pipe cleaning with high pressure jetting, attachments such as root cutters, chain flail and warthogs. The hydro-excavation pump on board are top of the range, with a capacity of 31 litres per minute at 4000psi. Capable of handling regulated waste, our Combo units are a fantastic all-rounder that can tackle larger jobs.

Our fleet includes a large range of recyclers and combination drain cleaners including top of the range models from Cappellotto, DCS, Kroll and Spoutvac.


The PMA Hydro Excavation fleet is well equipped for smaller vacuum and hydro excavation jobs. With a debris tanks ranging from 4000-6000 litres and the ability to also clear pipes and conduits up to 150mm, the variety of NDD trucks is perfect for smaller tasks. These trucks are a variety of Hydro Excavation units which are also ideal for high pressure cleaning and waste removal on bikeways and footpaths using the high-pressure Water Mower on board.

At PMA we employ the Hydro Excavation fleet for bulk mud/silt removal from ponds, basins and construction sites. It also has strong capabilities for Hydro Excavation and pot holing for services. These units are also used for gully basket and box cleaning, and any jobs that require tight access.

Micro Traxx Remote Culvert Cleaner

The MicroTraxx Remote Culvert Cleaner is perfect for applications with restricted access or hazardous debris, or in scenarios where manned entry is not an option. Capable of entering box culverts from 900mm up in size, and round pipes from 1200mm in size, the MicroTraxx Culvert Cleaner is ideal for bulk material movements for culvert cleaning applications across most of Australia.

Completely water-free, the MicroTraxx utilises a biodegradable oil that is environmentally friendly for use in water ways and aquatic locations.

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