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PMA set Relining Record

Mid-Western Regional Council engaged PMA to conduct UV Relining of Mudgee’s Sewer Trunk Main to mitigate population growth and ageing infrastructure.

The Mid-Western Regional Council, situated in New South Wales, just over 3.5 hours North West of Sydney, encompasses a diverse region that includes the picturesque town of Mudgee. Known for its rich history and scenic landscapes, Mudgee has been a central hub for both residents and businesses.

Mudgee’s population is due to grow by roughly 40 percent in two years due to the development of local renewable energy projects. Amidst the region’s growth, maintaining critical wastewater infrastructure becomes paramount. With ageing pipelines and a burgeoning community, Mid-Western Regional Council acted swiftly to tender for the renewal of key sections of its wastewater network.


PMA was awarded the contract of rehabilitating nearly 4km of Mudgee’s trunk sewer main, initially laid in 1942 with Asbestos Cement. The scope of the project involved relining all sizes from DN375 to DN600, covering main trunk lines and addressing the challenges presented by diverse environments, high flows, manhole location, asbestos cement, and weather fluctuations.


Diverse Environments: PMA navigated public parks, private properties, and farm paddocks with live stock, requiring careful coordination to minimize disruption to both the community and the project itself.

PMA Relining Truck on-site conducting Relining in Mudgee
PMA Relining Truck on-site

High Flows: A trunk main is a large-diameter pipeline that serves as a major conduit for transporting wastewater from smaller sewer lines to a wastewater treatment facility. This presented a challenge as it was carrying high flows and supporting the rest of the wastewater network, demanding strategic planning to ensure the seamless execution of the relining process.

Manhole Location: When maintenance holes have not been accessed for a long period, they can become hidden by overgrown vegetation or covered by dirt. This makes them a challenge for the team to find.

Asbestos Cement: The original pipework was laid when asbestos was still in common use. Any rehabilitation involving assets with asbestos demands a great deal of care.

Weather: Work took place during Summer, with unpredictable weather conditions, including storms, which posed a risk to the project timeline, requiring constant monitoring and adaptation.

PMA Operators Conducting UV Relining in Mudgee
PMA Operators Conducting UV Relining


PMA Truck and Workers on-site conducting Relining in Mudgee
PMA Truck and Workers on-site

Collaborative Planning: A close collaboration between PMA and Mid-Western Water allowed for effective planning and execution, addressing challenges posed by diverse environments, high flows, and manhole location.

Spatial Technology: The integration of spatial technology and sonar-equipped cameras streamlined the manhole location process, reducing time and effort.

Asbestos Cement Management: Rigorous risk assessments, hold points, and mitigations were implemented to manage challenges associated with Asbestos Cement effectively.

Weather Adaptation: PMA implemented strategies to adapt to adverse weather conditions, ensuring the project continued on schedule despite potential delays.


Project Completion: PMA successfully relined 54 sewer lines totalling 3,737m utilising UV lining, covering all sizes from DN375 to DN600, meeting the highest standards.

Efficiency Gains: Through close relationships with suppliers, collaborative planning, and innovative solutions, PMA completed the project three weeks ahead of the initial program, achieving efficiency gains.

Debris Removal: A total of 45 tons of debris were successfully removed during the relining process.

Cost Savings: PMA’s collaborative planning and efficient execution resulted in cost savings, particularly in reduced bypass pumping costs.

Minimal Disruption: Mid-Western Water experienced minimal disruption to public and infrastructure, showcasing the effectiveness of PMA’s strategic planning.

Environmental Impact: By completing the project efficiently and ahead of schedule, PMA contributed to minimizing the environmental impact associated with sewer trunk main rehabilitation.

PMA Operators Conducting Relining Nightworks in Mudgee
PMA Operators Conducting Nightworks

Through collaborative planning, innovative solutions, and a commitment to high standards, PMA not only addressed the challenges posed by the Mudgee trunk sewer relining project but also provided significant value by reducing costs, minimizing disruptions, and completing the project ahead of schedule. This successful collaboration between PMA and Mid-Western Regional Council showcases the positive outcomes that can be achieved through effective project management and innovative solutions in the field of sewer infrastructure rehabilitation. In the context of Mid-Western Regional Council and Mudgee, this initiative stands as a testament to the commitment to maintaining and enhancing critical infrastructure for the benefit of the community.

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PMA Relining Operators in front of the 'Welcome to Mudgee Sign'
PMA Operators in front of the ‘Welcome to Mudgee’ Sign

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