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Pipe Management Australia (PMA) Secures Brisbane City Council Contract for Stormwater Infrastructure Cleaning and CCTV Pipe Surveying Services. 

In a testament to Pipe Management Australia’s (PMA) longstanding partnership with Brisbane City Council, our team has again been awarded a significant contract aimed at maintaining the city’s stormwater infrastructure. The contract, titled “Stormwater Infrastructure Cleaning, CCTV Pipe Surveying, and Vacuum Excavation Services,” reaffirms PMA’s position as a trusted provider of essential services in the region. 

Notably, PMA’s expertise has been acknowledged through appointments to numerous panels within the contract, highlighting our comprehensive capabilities across various facets of infrastructure maintenance. This achievement underscores PMA’s commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver integrated solutions tailored to the specific needs of Brisbane City Council. 

A History of Service Excellence

PMA Deliver Stormwater Services for Brisbane City Council for Over 10 Years
PMA Deliver Stormwater Services for Brisbane City Council for Over 10 Years

Justin Johansen, CEO of PMA, articulates the team’s enthusiasm in elevating our services to new heights for the City of Brisbane over this next term.

“PMA’s successful bid for this contract marks the third consecutive time our company has been entrusted with this responsibility, a testament to our team’s proven track record and the confidence placed in our team’s abilities by Brisbane City Council.”  

Over the years, PMA has demonstrated our commitment to serving the city and its residents with dedication and professionalism. One of the key highlights of PMA’s history with Brisbane City Council is its role in maintaining the stormwater network to ensure cleaner waterways. By implementing rigorous maintenance protocols and leveraging advanced technologies, PMA has played a crucial role in preserving the environmental integrity of Brisbane’s waterways, contributing to the city’s sustainability goals. 

Additionally, PMA’s support during the 2022 Brisbane flood recovery efforts further exemplifies its commitment to serving the community during times of need. Through swift and efficient response measures, our team assisted Brisbane City Council in restoring critical infrastructure, demonstrating our resilience and readiness to tackle challenges head-on. A total of 367km of network were inspected by PMA and an additional 52km required cleaning and re-inspection to ensure the drainage networks were restored and operated efficiently. Approximately 177 suburbs within Brisbane were impacted by the floods that inundated homes, drainage networks and engulfed our waterways. 

Looking Towards the Future 

PMA Proud to Serve Brisbane City Council Over the Next 5 Years and Beyond

As PMA embarks on another term of service to the City of Brisbane, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence and innovation. With a focus on continuous improvement and leveraging the latest advancements in infrastructure maintenance technology, PMA is poised to deliver even greater value to the community in the years to come, even as we approach the 2032 Olympics. 

The five-year contract extension not only solidifies PMA’s role as a key partner of Brisbane City Council but also signifies the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s journey of service and collaboration. By fostering strong relationships, embracing sustainability practices, and prioritising the needs of the community, PMA is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the resilience and vitality of Brisbane’s infrastructure. 

PMA’s continued partnership with Brisbane City Council underscores the mutual trust and shared commitment to the well-being of the city, its waterways, and its residents. As PMA looks forward to the next five years and beyond, it remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service excellence and contributing to the continued prosperity of the City of Brisbane. 

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