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At PMA, we believe that innovation and communication are key to providing clients with a mutually beneficial outcome over the life of a contract. As part of the Brisbane City Council Ancillary Stormwater Asset Cleaning and CCTV Inspection contract that PMA has been servicing over the last five years, we have taken specific steps to meet in person with BCC staff to explain the work that we are doing for council. This saw PMA conduct an open day where council officers could get up close and personal with the PMA fleet of trucks and equipment and learn more about our capabilities.

To build on the PMA-BCC relationship, our open day allowed BCC managers and technical officers to view first-hand the capabilities, attachments and equipment available for hire during the term of the BCC Stormwater Asset Cleaning and CCTV Inspection contract. On the day, PMA provided subject matter experts who imparted detailed knowledge about the operation and use of the available suite of root cutting nozzles, penetrators, impact nozzles and warthogs that PMA employs to clean BCC’s drains.

The open day also gave PMA the opportunity to present the latest additions to the fleet servicing the BCC contract, including our purpose-built Spoutvac combo unit, and GPT 1, a support unit designed specifically for improving ease of access into Gross Pollutant Traps. Both units were selected to fill a niche in the BCC contract and ensured that PMA was providing cutting edge
solutions and best practice service to BCC through value-adding initiatives over the course of the contract.


The open day was a resounding success for both PMA and BCC. PMA was able to communicate to eight BCC employees fundamental knowledge regarding the capabilities of vacuum trucks, their attachments and support vehicles. This helped BCC to improve decision making processes in the work request phase moving forward.

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