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Pipe Management Australia (PMA), a leading provider of comprehensive utility maintenance services, has recently expanded its fleet with the addition of three state-of-the-art Cappellotto Combination Vacuum Jetter Trucks. These new additions signify the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional services and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. With these cutting-edge vehicles, Pipe Management Australia is well-positioned to enhance its capabilities in pipeline maintenance, cleaning, and management.

Unveiling the Cappellotto Vacuum Trucks

The three Cappellotto Combination Vacuum Jetter Trucks introduced by Pipe Management Australia represent the latest innovations in the field. Designed to optimise efficiency and productivity, these advanced vehicles feature powerful suction capabilities, and robust build quality. With their versatility, they are poised to significantly enhance the company’s ability to handle diverse pipeline projects across the country.

Manufactured in Italy and sold in Australia by KOR Equipment Solutions, Cappellotto vacuum trucks represent the best in quality, reliability and productivity.

Pipe Management Australia’s CEO, Justin Johansen visited the Cappellotto factory earlier this year,

“We continue to invest in the highest standard of Combo Vacuum Jetter Units for our fleet because that is what is required to serve Australia’s harsh conditions. Ultimately, these new vehicles result in greater efficiency and quality outcomes for our valued Clients.”

Founding Directors Justin Johansen and Luke Moore visiting the Cappallotto Factory in Italy
Founding Directors Justin Johansen and Luke Moore visiting the Cappallotto Factory in Italy

New Combination Vacuum Jetter Trucks Delivered

The first of the units, a powerful 10×4 Recycler, was unveiled in May at the Heavy Equipment & Machinery Show in Brisbane.

PMA's new Recycler Unit featured at Brisbane's Heavy Equipment Show in May
PMA’s new Recycler Unit featured at Brisbane’s Heavy Equipment Show in May

PMA’s Operators were introduced to the remaining Combo Vacuum Jetter Units last week at KOR’s facility in Yatala, Queensland. These included a 6×4 Combined Drain Cleaning / Hydro Excavation Unit and an 8” 8×4 Hydro Excavation and Industrial Wet Vacuum Unit. These new combo vacuum units with their unmatched productivity and efficiency have now joined PMA’s expansive fleet of over 100 specialty utility maintenance vehicles serving the East Coast of Australia.

Quality Cleaning Capabilities & Superior Suction

Additionally, the newly acquired Cappellotto combo vacuum trucks are equipped with cutting-edge suction and jetting systems that can efficiently handle a wide range of pipeline debris and waste materials. The powerful vacuum technology ensures thorough cleaning and debris removal, reducing the risk of blockages and ensuring optimal pipeline performance. These trucks can effectively remove sludge, silt, rocks, and other contaminants that may hinder the flow of fluids in drains, contributing to improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

Enhanced Safety and Environmental Features

Pipe Management Australia places utmost importance on safety and environmental sustainability. The Cappellotto vacuum trucks align perfectly with these values as the units incorporate several features aimed at reducing environmental impact and enhancing worker safety. Recycler Units are highly sort after for drain cleaning activities as they have the additional capability of reusing the water extracted from drains for jetting. This results in less waste and fewer trips to waste facilities. Additionally, the vehicles are designed with ergonomic controls and safety features that prioritise the well-being of the operators during cleaning and maintenance operations.

One of PMA's new Combo Units during handover at KOR
One of PMA’s new Combo Units during handover at KOR

Versatility and Adaptability

The versatility of the Cappellotto vacuum trucks is a significant advantage for Pipe Management Australia. These vehicles are engineered to handle various pipeline diameters and lengths, enabling the company to efficiently manage projects of different scales. The trucks are equipped with adjustable suction arms and nozzles, allowing operators to reach challenging areas and navigate around obstacles. Moreover, the trucks’ robust build quality ensures durability and longevity, enabling them to withstand demanding work environments.

The new Recycler was recently on-site assisting one of PMA’s robotic units with root removal and drain cleaning for a valued Client. The robotic cutter was able to meticulously remove the roots, while the Recycler could jet and vacuum away the waste. The ability of PMA’s diverse range of inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation units working together in this way, delivers substantial synergies for Clients.

Pipe Management Australia’s Commitment to Excellence

The acquisition of these new Cappellotto Combo Vacuum Jetter Trucks demonstrates Pipe Management Australia’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality pipeline and utility maintenance solutions to its clients. By investing in state-of-the-art equipment, PMA aims to exceed customer expectations and maintain its position as a leader in the industry. The addition of these advanced vehicles further strengthens PMA’s ability to undertake a wide range of projects efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and timely project completion.

COM55 is one of the newest Combo Unit additions to PMA's advanced fleet
COM55 is one of the newest Combo Unit additions to PMA’s advanced fleet

A Trusted Partner in PMA

The addition of three new Cappellotto Vacuum Trucks into PMA’s ever growing fleet marks an exciting milestone for the company as we surpass over 100 assets. With their superior suction capabilities, advanced safety features, and adaptability, these trucks enable PMA to provide enhanced pipeline maintenance, cleaning, and management services across the country. As the company continues to prioritise innovation and excellence, these additions to PMA’s fleet solidify our position as a trusted partner in the pipeline industry.

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