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Pipe Management Australia (PMA) are excited to see the growing number of women in our workforce and wanted to take the time to acknowledge their impact on industry history through their continuous hard work and leadership. 

This article was written by Breanna. Breanna is a key member of our marketing team.

It has been liberating to work with the strong, caring, and independent women that operate out of PMA’s QLD, NSW and VIC offices. I have also had the privilege of working alongside male co-workers who show genuine care and support for their female counterparts. I have felt supported every step of the way and have valued the independence I have been given to complete tasks.

PMA office staff
Our PMA team in the office supporting our on-site operations

As a company, we are aware of the stigma of the male-dominant industry that we operate in and are working hard to break down barriers to establish a widespread internal feeling of support for our female employees. PMA is proud to shine a light on our female workers across Australia and has asked some of them about their personal experiences at PMA and how it contributes it their personal growth in the workspace. 


I asked some of my fellow female colleagues how they felt supported in the workplace.

Raewyn is an Administration Assistant working in our Queensland team and Courtney works in our Ingleburn-based national headquarters across HR and Payroll.

Raewyn expressed her appreciation of being “made to feel like you can take any issue to (her) managers.”

“I love the way they interact with clients and workers – they have amazing knowledge and know so many people.”

Courtney reflected on how she feels supported and appropriately challenged in her work for her own personal development advancement.

Courtney works in PMA's HR and Payroll Team
Courtney says working at PMA allows for personal growth

“Working at PMA has given me a sense of fulfillment in my work and has allowed me to flourish in my own personal development as well. I have gained numerous skills throughout my time at PMA and expanded my knowledge across a number of areas within the business. My work challenges me in a way that allows for personal growth and I know that if, and when needed, I have an incredible support environment that provides really constructive and beneficial feedback.”

PMA are conscious of pre-existing industry bias and indirect discrimination. We aim to make our female employees feel valued and supported both inside and outside the working environment.


There is a noticeable value that is placed on establishing a working environment in which employees enjoy, by creating meaningful relationships and support networks. We have recently had Valentina and Crystal join our NSW team in traffic control.  I asked Valentina, Crystal, Courtney and Raewyn what they loved most about working at PMA.

“Staff and management are extremely friendly, welcoming & easy to work with. I never thought I would ever say this but, I love my job!”

Valentina, Traffic Control

“I could write a very long list of what I love about working here but what I enjoy the most is the people I work with in office and via phone.” 

Courtney, HR

“The interactions with the guys when they come back to the yard is lighthearted banter and we all get along so well. My training was quick – but everyone was so helpful going through the finer points when needed.  Courtney is amazing!!!  If there is anything that we need she guides, helps and is so considerate and a fabulous ear if you’re having one of those days.”

Raewyn, Administration

“You get to learn something different every day, and it is a very easy-going work environment. If you need help with anything there is always someone there.”

Crystal, Traffic Control


It can be seen that PMA strive to create an environment where employees enjoy their job. I asked Valentina and Raewyn if they would recommend working at PMA to others based on their experiences.

“Absolutely! There is a lot of opportunity to learn and progress as the company continues to expand and that’s extremely exciting. PMA also notice hard work and reward us for our efforts. They take the time to do weekly toolboxes which make us all feel seen and heard.”

Valentina, Traffic Control

“I would.  Both with vehicles and in the office.  Our crew is awesome, and everyone is really nice.  It would make a new start for someone comfortable and I’m confident that they would train well.”

Raewyn, Administration
One of our PMA team members providing traffic control
One of our PMA team members providing traffic control

PMA looks forward to continuing to uplift all staff, foster diversity and ensure that employees feel heard and seen in our workplace. PMA is Australia’s utility management leader of the future, and as a company, we recognise the importance of our internal working environments and the impact that culture has on our operations and employee morale.

Being new to the industry, it has been empowering to be surrounded by colleagues who make me feel seen and valued. As I reflect, I find myself grateful to be working with a company that fosters these types of internal values and recognises the strength of the women around them.

Meet the Women at PMA
Meet the Women of PMA

To all the women reading this article, I hope you take the time to reflect and surround yourselves with people who uplift and empower you, both inside and outside of the workplace. To conclude in the words of Michelle Obama:

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

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