Efficient Pipeline Robotics 

Pipe Management Australia (PMA) is an industry leader in providing pipeline robotics for repairing and clearing blockages from sewer, stormwater, and industrial pipelines. Australia is known for experiencing harsh conditions throughout the year, which can exacerbate defects and the need for pipe repairs within sewer and stormwater drains.

Traditionally, digging up assets to repair or replace them can be expensive and disruptive. PMA uses pipeline robotics to ensure minimal disruption to other assets like roads, buildings, or utilities. Our trenchless solutions allow for drains and pipes to be cleaned and repaired without being displaced. These methods also permit our crews to navigate through harder-to-access areas and enhance our other service offerings.

Pipeline robotics refers to the use of advanced robotic systems equipped with milling tools to remove scale, debris, and obstructions from the interior of sewer and stormwater pipes. These robotic devices are remotely operated and designed to navigate through pipelines of various sizes, including those with complex shapes and configurations. The milling tools, typically fitted with rotating cutting heads or blades, effectively remove deposits and irregularities, restoring the flow capacity and structural integrity of the pipes.

PMA was established with a simple vision: consistently providing the most effective solution for clients. As a result of our dedication to this vision, PMA has formed strong and loyal relationships with our clients. We are led by our Directors, Luke Moore and Justin Johansen, who have over 20 years of specialised experience in sewer, stormwater, and industrial drain maintenance. Our crews are accredited, adaptive thinkers who are prepared to service any pipe rehabilitation and robotic needs.

The Benefits of Using PMA Pipeline Robotics

PMA’s advanced robotic units are operating on projects across the East Coast of Australia and are an integral part of our business for trenchless repair. Our robotics operators are skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring high productivity and efficiency. Our pipeline robotics can:

  • Clear blocked sewers due to the tree roots, debris and concrete
  • Removal of grout-filled pipes
  • Cut, grind and mill intrusions and encrustations

Daily, our robots and other trenchless technology support clients in maximising asset integrity and enabling safe working conditions. PMA aims to be Australia’s pipe rehabilitation team of choice to maintain your infrastructure. Our performance, cost competitiveness, and commitment to delivering the best results have enabled us to establish and maintain a loyal customer base in both the private and public sectors.

Pipeline Robotics
Pipeline Robotics

Why Choose PMA’s Pipeline Robotics?

Are you in need of a scheduled pipe inspection or emergency robotic maintenance? At PMA, we have an advanced fleet of robotic units and trained operators to ensure asset managers receive optimal service to meet their requirements.

PMA’s pipeline robotic milling systems can be equipped with advanced cameras and sensors to conduct visual inspections and assess the condition of the pipes. This allows for real-time monitoring of the cleaning process and provides valuable data for maintenance planning and decision-making.

The durability and accessibility of our robotic units mean that the complexity of the size or location of an asset does not hinder our delivery of service. Our qualified and experienced team delivers outcome-driven solutions supported by our ISO 9001:2015 accredited Integrated Management System. This quality certification ensures that our entire supply chain meets the highest standards and will provide quality products and services to meet our clients’ stormwater asset inspection, cleaning, maintenance, and repair needs.

PMA prides itself on delivering the utmost quality in every job we undertake. From the initial work requests to the completion of the job, reporting, and invoicing, you can rest assured that quality workmanship and exceptional customer support will be provided. Our clients are supported in every aspect of our services by our fully qualified, certified, and dedicated team.


Pipe Management Australia is ready to support councils, asset managers, and water utilities with pipeline robotics for the maintenance of their critical drain infrastructure. If you need robotic milling on the Australian East Coast, make Pipe Management Australia your go-to service provider.


Pipeline Robotics
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