Cutting edge CCTV inspection and patch relining service

CCTV inspection and patch relining of stormwater and sewer pipes is one of our core services at Pipe Management Australia and we have been providing this service since commencement. CCTV inspection is a critical service for councils and pipe asset managers as it is the only way to ascertain the true condition of the multitude of pipe assets that run under our cities and suburbs in order to plan maintenance strategies.

With advanced CCTV technology capabilities and highly experienced operators, we can inspect a range of pipe sizes up to 300 metres in length between access points. We work with local councils, water authorities and civil infrastructure leaders to provide their CCTV inspection, patch relining and drain maintenance needs. We also work with residential homeowners who require build over stormwater or build over sewer inspection points when renovating their property.

A CCTV inspection is your first and best option when assessing maintenance requirements, upgrade options and the long-term structural integrity of your assets. An accurate and professionally performed CCTV inspection is key to determining the most efficient and most economical approach to servicing pipe and drain networks.

Using our custom-designed specialised programs, we conduct internal condition assessments of client’s assets and code any defects we identify to help our clients determine the structural integrity and the serviceability of the asset. We can then determine the best options to secure the structural integrity and functionality of the pipe, whether that be through patch relining, dig and repair, or replacing the entire pipe.


A non-biased approach to solving customers’ problems

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we can provide either a planned or reactive CCTV inspection strategy that best suits their needs. Reactive strategies are based around above-ground defect evidence, such as evidence of leaking or unexpected flooding. A planned CCTV inspection strategy is delivered after surveying a large pipe network in an area and delivers a targeted program that focuses on specific areas in order to most productively spend the allocated budget.

Drawing on our extensive experience in CCTV inspection and pipeline maintenance management, we’ll define and deliver the best, non-biased solution for fixing your pipeline assets. If the best solution to the problem you are facing is not one of our core services, we’ll use our industry experience, relationships and strong reputation to identify and engage the best professional to get the job done to our own high standards.

At PMA, we determine the solution that is effective and most beneficial for our clients – not the solution that is easiest and will most benefit our company. If a problem in your pipeline can be identified, isolated, and repaired – as opposed to scenarios of replacing the entire pipe at a much higher cost to you – then that’s the solution that we will always recommend. We are all about building long-term relationships, not gaining short-term wins for ourselves. Our commitment to our clients is that we will always give a non-biased solution, regardless of the problem we are tasked with solving.

Industry leading experience and capability

PMA boasts one of the most experienced CCTV inspection and patch relining crews in Australia, led by PMA Director Luke Moore, who has more than 24 years of pipeline CCTV inspection experience. Luke’s passion for this industry and his drive to deliver best outcomes for clients has positioned him as ‘a thought leader’ in the CCTV inspection industry in Australia. Luke is supported by a team of highly qualified field technicians who live and breathe CCTV inspection and patch relining and are the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Testament to PMA’s position as an industry leader, we have the technical expertise and high-tech equipment to inspect and maintain every single size range of pipes in service, from standard 150mm to 300mm pipes through to 1.5-metre diameter pipes and the largest pipes in service.

Our fleet also includes and range of cameras to suit every CCTV inspection job, from push cameras to small tracking cameras as well as large tracking cameras that drive through large pipelines, to long-range flotation systems that can float 3.5km through a single pipeline. We are one of the few pipeline maintenance companies in Australia that can offer this long-range flotation capability.

PMA for CCTV inspection and patch relining

Pipe Management Australia is standing by to support local councils, water authorities and civil infrastructure leaders with their CCTV inspection and patch relining needs. If you want cost effective and non-biased solutions,

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