An innovative approach to civil and industrial services

At Pipe Management Australia we have strategically expanded our service offering and inter-related capabilities over time into new areas that complement our core services of drain maintenance, GPT cleaning, non-destructive digging, culvert cleaning, and CCTV inspection and patch relining.

This has enabled us to leverage our broad experience and deep technical capability in utilities management services to more comprehensively service our clients and forge long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships with our partners. Our industry is constantly evolving, and as a leading utilities management service provider we are constantly considering how we can evolve as a company to better serve our industry and support our clients.

The latest formal addition to our suite of core services is civil & industrial services, a broad service covering a wide variety of work, including project management. Executing civil and industrial services is made easy by the fact that our fleet of cutting-edge work vehicles already feature many customised additions to increase their versatility in the field. Our sucker trucks, vacuum trucks, crane trucks and other large utility vehicles are uniquely designed to be adaptable to work in various civil and industrial services settings.

For example, the vacuum trucks – which feature a six-inch vacuum tube – that we use for drain maintenance, GPT cleaning and a number of other services can also be deployed to service production factories. During an industrial shutdown due to, say, a spill or conveyer overload, we can send in our vacuum trucks to remove dust, debris, and the spill itself.

If a concrete manufacturer, woodchip manufacturer, cardboard factory or bulky goods manufacturer has scheduled maintenance service and repair on their production line, our sucker trucks can go in and clean hard to reach collection pits and overflows.

Value-add civil and industrial services

While PMA has been delivering civil and industrial services for some of our larger long-term clients, such as Brisbane City Council, for some time, offering civil and industrial services as one of our core services enables us to leverage our industry experience and network to even more thoroughly serve our clients needs.

This greatly excites the PMA management team as it enables us to further provide value-add benefits and consummate, end to end customer service to our clients. For example, if we have to remove landscaping features or dig up part of a road to access and repair a pipeline, or if we have to reconfigure a manhole to create a new access point, once the work is complete our civil services team can then come in and project manage the reinstatement of the road and landscaped environment.

This provision of value-add civil and industrial service has been an extension of our services for some time, but we have now formalised it as a core PMA service offering for our clients as we continually look to innovate our product offering.

Targeting Tier 2 project management

Moving forward, we are excited about building our business around Tier 2 project management work and collaborating with project partners, contractors and suppliers in the civil and industrial services space.

We are well-seasoned, professional operators and industry leaders across our group of core utilities management services with proven, hands-on civil and industrial services experience. Civil and industrial services and project management is not a peripheral, bolted-on service for us; in time, it will simply become the way we operate our business.

Choose PMA for comprehensive civil and industrial services

At Pipe Management Australia we are excited to establish our company in the civil and industrial services space.

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