Innovation and leadership in Gross Pollutant Trap cleaning

Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) Cleaning is one of Pipe Management Australia’s core services. While GPTs – commonly known as Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs) in Queensland – sit out of sight of everyday life, they perform two essential roles:

protecting our natural environments from anthropogenic objects such as plastic bottles and litter


ensuring that city and suburban critical infrastructure remains operational by removing built-up sediment that may block drains and cause them to overflow.

GPTs and SQIDs help maintain a drain’s flow capacity by capturing anything that floats or sinks and separating it from the water to keep the water flowing downstream. There are 17 different types of GPTs and SQIDs, each of which capture pollutants in a slightly different manner. They range in size based on the catchment size of a particular area.

GPTs can only perform their essential roles if they are routinely inspected and cleaned by a suitably qualified utilities maintenance service provider. PMA provides regularly scheduled inspection, cleaning and maintenance services for Gross Pollutant Traps to ensure that they operate at maximum efficiency. Depending on the size of the GPT, it will be cleaned manually (ie, using a shovel) or mechanically (using vacuum excavation or a clamshell grab truck).

Specialised GPT cleaning equipment and highly qualified field experts

Professionally cleaning GPTs and SQIDs requires highly specialised equipment and highly qualified field experts, and at PMA we have both. Our vast fleet of multi-functional GPT crane trucks, which is spearheaded by Australia’s largest GPT crane truck, caters to all types and sizes of GPTs and SQIDs.

Our fleet of multi-functional GPT crane trucks are uniquely designed as all-in-one GPT cleaning solutions. Critically, they have heavy-load cranes to lift up and empty the GPT basket – which can often contain many, many tonnes of pollutants – as well as high pressure vacuum suck hoses to remove the sediment gathered in the GPT or SQID.

This is essential for our clients as it ensures that they don’t have to source two separate suppliers and deal with two separate teams, which also increases efficiency of their costs.

Proven experience in Gross Pollutant Trap cleaning

PMA has a long, proven history in GPT and SQID cleaning and we are one of the largest GPT cleaning companies in Australia. For the majority of our company’s existence we have been providing professional GPT cleaning services up and down the east coast of Australia for a number of larger public and private entities, including a vast number of local councils including Brisbane City Council (BCC).

We are also an approved gross pollutant trap cleaning service provider to the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) an association of 11 councils spanning Sydney’s southern suburbs, eastern suburbs, CBD, and inner west.

Budgets can be a critical factor for local councils when it comes to managing GPTs. With each new residential development that comes online, local councils inherit an often large number of new GPTs to clean and maintain. When a GPT or SQID becomes 100 per cent full, the pollutants and debris that it would typically catch invariably end up in the catchment waters, which is why cost-effective GPT maintenance strategies are so important for protection.

Proactive GPT maintenance to manage costs

Our GPT maintenance strategies enable clients to get ahead on GPT cleaning and maintenance via a proactive inspection process. We have GPT supervisors and SQID supervisors who work with council representatives to establish a cost-effective GPT maintenance strategy.

These supervisors are equipped with innovative, customised GPT utility vehicles – something that many GPT cleaning service providers don’t offer – that are fitted out with gantry cranes that enable them to lift heavy lids and enter confined spaces as/if required to visually inspect GPTs. Our supervisors then send clients status reports from the site via a tablet device.

When we accept a GPT cleaning tender, we assess the cleaning schedule to determine if the set schedule is indeed the most effective and economically viable option. If it isn’t, we’ll suggest an alternative schedule – even if it means less work for PMA. We are here to serve our clients, and as one of Australia’s leading GPT cleaning service providers education and promotion of asset stewardship is a responsibility that we take very seriously.


PMA for your Gross Pollutant Trap cleaning needs

Engaging Pipe Management Australia means your GPTs are one less thing you have to worry about. We are ready to support you. If you need Gross Pollutant Trap or SQUID cleaning services on the Australian east coast, make Pipe Management Australia your go to supplier.

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