Specialised Installers of Temporary Barrier Dams or Cofferdams

PMA has developed a core capability with temporary barrier dams to create dry work areas for everything from culvert cleaning, structural testing to the installation of drain outlets.
Due to the nature of PMA’s work with stormwater, often in tidal or water affected areas, our crews needed a solution for creating a dry work zone.
Our temporary dam installations are reliable and flexible for a wide variety of applications.

A Barrier Dam Solution For Dry Work Sites

The Swedish designed barrier dams have been used throughout
Europe and Australasia for over 15 years. They are a quickly
deployable robust temporary dam system, allowing contractors to dewater their work sites safely and work around the clock.

PMA offers barrier systems ranging
from 0.65m high through to 2.4m high.

The cofferdam solution is available on a rental basis,
with installation and removal provided. This proves to be a
cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative
to other methods like sheet-piling.
The barriers are deployable on any surface,
providing a self-anchoring method of stability.

Applications for PMAs barrier dams include:

• Storm water outlet repair and installs
• Tidal Waterways
• Boat ramp repairs
• Bridge repairs & inspections
• Sediment control
• Water diversion
• Water retention basins
• Pond desludging
• Pond liner repairs
• Culvert cleaning

We also offer the barriers for flood response and firefighting operations.


PMA team members are highly experienced installers of barrier dams on Australia’s East Coast. The system is extendable to any length.
It consists of the frame, metal sheets, and a membrane to provide a seal. PMA has installed barrier dams for stormwater projects for numerous local councils,
major infrastructure projects and structural inspection of bridges.

Learn more about how civil engineers are structural testing bridges with the help of PMA’s barrier dam.

PMA for your Cofferdam or Barrier Dam Solutions

Pipe Management Australia is ready to support your next water affected project with the installation of our barrier dam solution to create a dry work zone. If you need a cofferdam solution in Australia, make Pipe Management Australia your go to installer.

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