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Pipe Management Australia (PMA) provides extensive vacuum excavation services in Sydney and surrounds. With over 20 years of experience within Greater Sydney, PMA has served various major projects for private, civil, and public organisations, using our expertise and cutting-edge NDD units, also known as sucker trucks and hydro excavation equipment.

Vacuum excavation, also known as hydro vacuum excavation or non-destructive digging, is a technique used to excavate soil and remove debris using a high-powered vacuum system. Vacuum excavation utilises a combination of high-pressure water and suction to break up and remove soil, exposing underground utilities and structures without causing damage.

PMA has built a compelling reputation for providing high-quality vacuum excavation services and complete solutions for our clients. The professionals on our team are experts in their fields and are equipped with the most advanced fleet to ensure that no matter the size of your project, PMA is ready to assist. At PMA, we value safety and proven methodologies within our operations, as they protect both our employees and the environment. Our vacuum excavation services are effective in completing the job quickly, efficiently, and safely in line with current regulations. We are highly skilled, experienced, and equipped to ensure that projects are completed safely and on time.

Efficient Vacuum Excavation Services in Sydney

At PMA, we offer high-quality vacuum excavation services to identify underground utilities, including water, gas, communication, and electrical lines. Conducting vacuum excavation minimises damage risks to even the thinnest underground cables. PMA can deploy a fleet of large, high-velocity vacuum trucks to your site to supply non-destructive digging, hydro trenching, waste removal, and backfill services.

Between PMA’s highly skilled operators and our advanced fleet, no on-site challenge is too big. Our expert workers and versatile trucks allow for adaptive actions to be taken on jobs when needed to ensure the safety and completion of the project. In delivering vacuum excavation services, PMA reduces the likelihood of personal injury or other accidents like hitting electrical cables or gas mains. PMA can deliver quality vacuum excavation services even in hard-to-access areas due to our fleet and equipment.

Vacuum Excavation Sydney
Vacuum Excavation Sydney

Experience the Difference with Our Vacuum Excavation Services in Sydney

At PMA, our fleet is carefully curated and selected to ensure that it can deliver the most efficient and effective vacuum excavation services in Sydney. Our vacuum trucks have extremely high-powered vacuums to remove mud created by hydro-excavation. For clients, this means increased productivity as we seek to complete the job the right way the first time.

A core value of PMA is safety; we have carefully trained our operators with a zero-harm culture. PMA offers cost-effective ways of disposing of waste and maximising re-use opportunities for the spoil.

PMA has an accredited Health and Safety Management System to provide the basis for continually improving our safety standards in accordance with current regulations. At PMA, we ensure that our team is fully trained and qualified to maintain the highest operating standards.


Experience the PMA difference in vacuum excavation by hiring our highly qualified Sydney team to complete your vacuum excavation or NDD projects. Contact us now for safe and seamless location services.


Vacuum Excavation Sydney
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