Brisbane’s Quality CCTV Pipe Inspection Services  

We are Brisbane’s leading CCTV pipe inspection services company. CCTV inspections are a critical service for councils and pipe asset managers. Conducting a pipe survey is the primary way to determine the true condition of the drains and conduits that run beneath our cities. Inspection services are vital to enable asset managers to create the proper maintenance and repair strategies for different situations to deliver optimal rehabilitation solutions.

With that in mind, our team is equipped and updated with the industry’s newest and most efficient techniques and technology. This ensures we only deploy the most advanced CCTV technology and highly experienced operators. We can inspect pipe ranges greater than 90mm in diameter. We can also conduct thorough internal condition assessments of our clients’ pipes to accurately determine a pipe’s structural integrity and serviceability.

CCTV Pipe Inspection in Brisbane Tailored to Your Needs 

At PMA, we tailor our CCTV pipe inspection services the needs of our Clients. With a diverse toolkit of pipe inspection and assessment technology at our fingertips, our technicians are able to select the correct tool for each situation. Whether stormwater or sewer, and regardless of diameter or form, PMA has the technology and experience to deliver a conclusive CCTV inspection report with unbiased recommendations.

PMA’s Brisbane team specialise in CCTV pipe inspection. We have extensive, hands-on experience executing plans and strategies related to CCTV pipe inspection. With PMA spearheading your pipeline projects, you can look forward to results that exceed your expectations. We’ll accurately define and effectively deliver the best, non-biased solution for your pipe network. PMA’s pipe inspection reports are available in PDF or digitally as part of a broader GIS mapped project.

CCTV Pipe Inspection Brisbane
CCTV Pipe Inspection Brisbane

The Technology We Use for CCTV Pipe Inspections in Brisbane

At PMA, we pride ourselves on the breadth of CCTV pipe inspection technology and the quality that this technology provides to our Brisbane Cliental. It is PMA’s pipe inspection technology combined with our experienced, dedicated and highly trained team that has built a reputation of excellent quality and efficiency.

Our CCTV inspection vehicles are equipped with a range of inspection technology. The Proteus CCTV Tractor Unit is one of our highly advanced and valued pieces of equipment. We utilise them to inspect stormwater and sewer lines. This enables us to deliver build-over surveys and asset condition assessments of the highest standards to our clients. 

Our tractor units are fitted with SOND technology to assist in accurately locating stormwater and sewer lines. We also have the latest and most effective Quickview camera technology to conduct rapid inspections efficiently and thoroughly. Additionally, with the RACER (Rapid Assessment Condition Evaluation Rover), we can easily inspect the interiors of active sewer or stormwater lines to detect how much debris or pipe damage there is below the waterline. As an added service, PMA also provides manhole assessment technology to provide a 360 degree image and readings of sewer or stormwater manholes. These manhole assessments, in conjunction with PMA’s other inspection technology, provide civil engineers and asset managers with key information to prioritise maintenance works.


Pipe Management Australia delivers advanced CCTV pipe inspections in Brisbane to locate cracks, fractures and root intrusions. For inspection of major drains and pipes, contact PMA.


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CCTV Pipe Inspection Brisbane
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