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There are only a few pipe rehabilitation companies in Australia servicing local councils, utilities, infrastructure projects, and civil construction. Pipe Management Australia (PMA) is renowned for providing exceptional pipe rehabilitation and relining services. Australia’s harsh conditions can severely damage sewer and stormwater drains. However, digging up pipes for replacement can prove expensive and disruptive to the surrounding community. Fortunately, PMA are equipped with state-of-the-art trenchless solutions as well as experienced professionals to deliver the best results. We can repair drains and pipes without unearthing or disturbing their surroundings. Our experts are carefully trained and equipped with key certifications and tickets. 

At PMA, we provide a diverse toolkit for trenchless pipe rehabilitation for all situations including both point repair and full reline options. PMA’s point pipe repairs that are include patching, Quick-Lock and Smart Lock options. Point repair options are ideal for isolated or individual cracks, fractures or joint displacement. Alternatively, for entire lines that have been damaged, PMA also offers full relining solutions. These include UV relining as well as spiral wound relining providing a robust selection of specialised pipe rehabilitation.

UV relining is ideal for pipes 150-1500mm in diameter and is utilised for a full-length repair of damaged pipe. A liner is inserted into the pipe and pressurised with air before a train of ultraviolet lights is used in the curing process to deliver long-lasting structural integrity.

Spiral relining is an affordable alternative which involves spiralling PVC lining material to form a pipe. This method can be installed while there is still water in the line.

To aid in the delivery of pipe rehabilitation, our repair crews are also equipped with advanced robotic technology to remove pipe intrusions and assist in the lining installation process.

The Pipe Rehabilitation Companies You Can Rely On

Companies, councils, utilities and infrastructure projects find our pipe rehabilitation services some of the most reliable in the industry. Besides our top-of-the-line equipment and undeniably skilled team, we also have the developed strategies and programs to meet your pipeline requirements and expectations. In doing so, PMA has secured its position as one of Australia’s leading pipe rehabilitation companies.

By providing both point repair and full relining options PMA is able to deliver rehabilitation solutions for a diverse range of Client industries. PMA has a long history of working with some of Australia’s largest and most recognised water utilities for the maintenance and rehabilitation of sewer networks. Additionally, PMA is a recognised leader in stormwater network rehabilitation, particularly for local councils, civil construction and large infrastructure projects such as tunnels. PMA also has experience providing rehabilitation to the industrial sector.

Pipe Rehabilitation Companies
Pipe Rehabilitation Companies

The Perfect Company for Pipe Rehabilitation

Our company values of teamwork, service, safety and respect set PMA apart from other pipe rehabilitation companies in the industry. PMA’s founders have long sought to deliver the best solution for our Client’s needs which has given rise to our extensive toolkit of rehabilitation services.

We have integrated robotics into our arsenal, which means we can expertly operate robotic technology for pipe maintenance and rehabilitation. This includes grinders, cutters, and high-pressure water jets. These advanced technologies are ideal for removing roots, concrete waste, grease, fat, and hardened calcium. Robotics also provide great aid in other rehabilitation works, this we have recognised and combined to ensure our clients are provided with the ultimate solution to their needs. Our team has undergone and continue to undergo all the necessary training to wield such powerful equipment safely and efficiently.

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