An Australian first in bespoke, highly effective culvert- cleaning

The MicroTraxx is PMA’s remote-controlled culvert cleaner that can enter and clean box culverts from 900mm in size, and round pipes from 1200mm in size, while keeping workers away from potentially hazardous areas.

Offering highly efficient culvert cleaning while ensuring the safety of operators, the MicroTraxx is the perfect culvert cleaning solution for most council culvert cleaning applications on the east coast of Australia.

There are only two MicroTraxx units in Australia, and they are both part of
Pipe Management Australia’s advanced fleet of utilities management equipment. We are the exclusive representative of MicroTraxx in the Australasian region.

Just how the MicroTraxx units – culvert cleaning workhorses in the truest sense of the word – ended up in operation in Australia is a marvel in
itself. While working on the substantial recovery and clean-up efforts following the major floods of 2011 in Brisbane, PMA was tasked with unblocking a vast number of culverts in the Brisbane City Council area.

It was essential to return the many culverts across Brisbane to full operational capacity as soon as possible, as their being out of service was putting a halt to the wider flood clean up and recovery mission. The culverts simply needed to be cleared as soon as possible to get Brisbane flowing again.

PMA’s Directors, Luke Moore and Justin Johansen, were aware of a
small family business in the tiny town of Mount Storm, West Virginia in the United States called Rohmac Inc that specialises in underground mining equipment. Rohmac Inc designs and manufactures customised heavy-duty specialty equipment, and one of its designs is the MicroTraxx, a very unique, highly capable culvert cleaning machine.

The PMA Directors made express travel arrangements to visit Rohmac Inc, which led to PMA purchasing and introducing the very first MicroTraxx unit to Australia. It was quickly put to work in Brisbane’s blocked culverts, where it immediately justified its price tag and validated PMA’s out of the box, solutions-focused thinking.

MicroTraxx: A highly efficient and safe culvert cleaning solution

The MicroTraxx can remove culvert drain debris up to three times faster than traditional drain cleaning equipment. When PMA first put it into service in the aftermath of the major Brisbane floods of 2011, it was to clean a 240-metre long culvert. Using more traditional culvert cleaning methods, BCC had cleared 80 metres of the culvert over nearly four weeks; putting the MicroTraxx to work, we were able to clear the remaining 160 metres of drain in just three days.

The MicroTraxx culvert cleaner is also a safety-first culvert cleaning solution – for both operators and the environment. Being remotely operated means the MicroTraxx completely eliminates the need for confined space entries, so our field technicians don’t have to enter blocked culverts to clean them.

The MicroTraxx also utilises biodegradable oil, making it an environmentally friendly option for all of your culvert drain cleaning requirements. By avoiding the use of water to remove sediment and bulky debris, the MicroTraxx culvert cleaner significantly reduces handling waste costs and results in a far more efficiently completed job every time.

As well as clearing blocked culverts in the aftermath of major rain events, we also use our MicroTraxx units to clear culverts of general debris gathered over time in order for them to be inspected and assessed for serviceability when councils are considering new infrastructure planning and developments.

Quality culvert cleaning without compromise

As the exclusive MicroTraxx distributor and operator in the Australasian region, our introduction of the MicroTraxx to the local market in 2011 enabled us to revolutionise culvert cleaning in Australia.

The efficiency gains that the MicroTraxx offers our clients – it can rapidly remove 280kg loads of mud and debris on each run through a culvert – is unparalleled amongst Australian culvert cleaning service providers. This represents a substantial improvement over typical culvert cleaning solutions and ensures that our clients aren’t compromising on the integrity of their drainage network.

A bespoke, fit for purpose solution for specific culvert cleaning tasks, the MicroTraxx is the culvert cleaning solution you need when time and efficiency is of the essence and when more traditional culvert cleaning equipment such as vacuum trucks won’t deliver against your requirements. When we assess your culvert cleaning job, we will advise if the MicroTraxx is the required niche solution for meeting your timeframe requirements.

PMA for your Microtraxx culvert cleaning needs

Pipe Management Australia operates the only Microtraxx units in Australia. If your culverts need to be returned to full operational status as soon as possible, make Pipe Management Australia and MicroTraxx your first and only port of call.

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