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Drain maintenance is Pipe Management Australia’s core service and covers inter-related practices such as pressure jetting, drain cleaning (removal of debris) and working in sewer or storm water pipes. The over-arching goal of all of these activities is to maintain pipes in good working order to keep them flowing and to keep critical municipal infrastructure operational.

Employing our fleet of state-of-the-art Sucker Trucks, we work with local governments and other public bodies in the infrastructure sector, as well as private organisations such as utilities managers and property developers, to help maintain, service and clean their drain and water networks.

Typically, the only way to effectively clean and clear drains is via the application of high-pressure water to break the blockage down, followed by a high-powered vacuum to extract the material from the drain. For this process, we use our fleet of state-of-the-art Combination Vacuum trucks, commonly referred to as Sucker Trucks, which are highly versatile and highly functional vehicles packed with power and advanced drain maintenance technology.

In drain maintenance it’s important that our clients have a service partner they can trust to not just do the job in a timely manner, but also to do it to an extremely high standard that provides peace of mind. Whether it’s preventative maintenance or on demand service, our clients know that PMA will keep them one step ahead. After all, we fix the problem, whatever the problem.


Drain maintenance: The foundation of PMA

At Pipe Management Australia we have been providing a high-quality range of specialised drain maintenance and pipe maintenance services since 2010, investing in not only our highly trained and highly qualified professionals in the field, but also in our cutting-edge equipment fleet.

The very first piece of heavy machinery that PMA’s directors, Justin Johansen and Luke Moore, purchased upon founding PMA in 2010 was a Combination Vacuum Drain Cleaning truck. Like a Swiss Army knife, our fleet of Sucker Trucks are uniquely designed for multi-tasking. This is one of PMA’s service differentiators and means that when we deploy to a job site, we are job ready.

We don’t arrive with just one tool, but a comprehensive suite of tools to ensure we are equipped to solve problems both known and unknown.

From the smallest physical access Sucker Trucks to the largest volume Sucker Trucks, PMA offers state-of-the-art equipment solutions for all types of drain maintenance challenges that our clients face. All of our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to withstand the rigorous environments in which they operate.

With extensive contracts in government and the commercial and private sectors, we have the experience and knowledge to tackle a wide variety of drain maintenance situations and emergencies across the East Coast of Australia. We have a proven track record in partnering with local government, water, sewer, road, rail, industrial, civil, mining, energy, oil and gas projects.

How we build lasting relationships

While there are any number of companies providing drain maintenance services in Australia, at PMA we go beyond merely doing the work. We provide an-depth service that sets us apart and elevates us due to:

How we do the work;


The technical qualifications of the PMA representatives managing the work;


The versatile and comprehensive equipment solutions performing the work; and


Our above and beyond approach to customer service.

By truly understanding the challenges and opportunities of our clients, we can tailor customised solutions that comprehensively solve their problems. Our people, our structure, and our processes behind the scenes enable us to constantly and consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

Through in-depth pre-planning, we understand how to match the right equipment solution with the specific drain maintenance problems that our clients are facing. We have a large fleet of various sized Sucker Trucks at our disposal, and we determine which truck to send to each job to provide both the best value and the best solutions for clients.

We also have experienced project managers and staff who develop big picture relationships with our clients to better understand their challenges and provide the most appropriate bespoke solution. At PMA, we clean and maintain drains, but that’s merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of how we help our clients.


PMA for your drain maintenance needs

Pipe Management Australia is standing by to support organisations by maintaining their critical drain infrastructure. If you need drain maintenance on the Australian east coast, make Pipe Management Australia your go to supplier. Call our head office on 1800 455 660 to find out how we can support you.

Call our head office on 1800 455 660 to find out how we can support you.

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