Meeting the demand for expert Non-Destructive Digging services

Pipe Management Australia is an Australian leader in Non-Destructive Digging (NDD). Operating up and down the east coast of Australia, we have pioneered Non-Destructive Digging, also known as hydro excavation, in Australia since 2010 and our staff were some of the first field technicians to perform Non-Destructive Digging services in Australia.

With essential utilities increasingly being built underground instead of above ground, expert Non-Destructive Digging services are now more in demand than ever. With all excavation companies working on infrastructure projects required by law to locate all underground services on their site before they start moving earth, the best and safest way that can be done is utilising Non-Destructive Digging.

Our NDD field technicians deliver proofing of services by surgically and precisely deploying extremely high-pressure pin needle rotating gun nozzles to break up hard ground and removing it by vacuum to identify underground infrastructure. We provide a range of vacuum excavation and non-destructive digging services to a variety of large private, civil and public organisations using a vast fleet of cutting-edge sucker trucks and hydro excavation equipment.

Customised and comprehensive NDD equipment that gets the job done

Because Non-Destructive Digging and hydro excavation is such a delicate procedure, it can’t be rushed. Delivering efficiencies and value for money therefore comes down to the supplier’s equipment and how they provide the related services.

At PMA we have invested heavily in customising our fleet with the sole aim of providing extensive, efficient and value for money services for our clients. This means that while other Non-Destructive Digging and hydro excavation service providers may send multiple trucks to your site, PMA will typically only need to send one versatile truck to perform the NDD work as well as other ancillary services as needed.

In order to deliver operational efficiency to clients, our sucker trucks are equipped with extremely high-powered sucker vacuums to remove the sludge created by hydro excavation.

Our larger than industry average sucker trucks are water efficient and can hold more waste, meaning we can stay on your site and continue working for longer. Using our state-of-the-art sucker trucks, we can contain the waste that comes with Non-Destructive Digging on site and, if needed, dispose of it offsite at the end of the day.

Hydro excavation and hydro trenching creates controlled waste in the form of sloppy mud. We take this waste offsite to our waste recycle facilities and treat it to create dirt that can then be returned to the construction site and used for facility management cover materials as needed.

Comprehensive hydro excavation coupled with ancillary services

While there are many non-destructive digging service providers with sucker trucks for hire, not many providers boast the extensive suite of capabilities that PMA does. From the ability to deploy a fleet of large, high velocity sucker trucks to your site to supplying non-destructive digging, hydro trenching and waste removal and recycling services, PMA can support your site in every way it needs supporting.

While non-destructive digging services is often where clients will initially engage PMA at the start of their project, that’s often just the beginning of our working relationship with our clients. Over the course of their project our clients will often require a number of other services that PMA provides beyond hydro excavation.

Our vacuum trucks and sucker trucks are uniquely equipped to address the many on-site challenges that our clients face. Once our clients learn that we can also provide other, related utilities services such as CCTV inspection and Patch Relining, Drain Maintenance, and Gross Pollutant Trap Cleaning, to name a few, they will invariably choose PMA as their long-term partner.

Engaging one supplier instead of multiple suppliers just makes good business sense. And this is why we have built out our comprehensive tool kit of site maintenance and utilities management services in the areas that we have expertise.

Our directors have strategically expanded PMA’s capabilities with the aim of providing comprehensive professional services and solutions to all manner of utilities management challenges facing infrastructure companies, land developers, and local councils.


PMA for your Non-Destructive Digging and hydro excavation needs

Pipe Management Australia is standing by to support organisations through efficient, professionally executed Non-Destructive Digging services. If your job requires Non-Destructive Digging services on the Australian east coast, make Pipe Management Australia your go to supplier.

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