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Pipe relining and rehabilitation are core to the maintenance solutions that Pipe Management Australia delivers. With Australia’s harsh conditions, sewer and stormwater drains can become defective and require repair. Digging up assets for replacement can prove expensive, requiring the disruption of other assets like roads, buildings or utilities. To avoid this, trenchless solutions are required, that allow the drains and pipes to be repaired while in place.

Pipe Management Australia, provides a diverse toolkit of trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions to suit a variety of situations. Some of these include Patching, QuickLock, UV Relining, Spiral Relining and Robotics.

Point Pipe Repairs


Many problems found in pipes can be repaired with a spot repair also called a point repair or patch repair, when damage is located at a single point. To do this a liner is installed over the problem area inside the pipe and then cured.

This type of repair is suitable for areas where the client does not wish to dig up the drain and replace the pipe. It only takes a couple of hours to complete a repair and no site restoration is needed as would be necessary for a dig and replace project. We use a patch lining repair system for our point repairs that provides:

• Ease of installation
• Variety of Diameters and Lengths for Repair
• Permanent Repair
• Structural Repair
• Minimal inconvenience to the public/traffic
• No digging required
• Stronger than original pipe
• Seals infiltration

PMA’s pipe repair offers a structural repair to pipes, developed with extended design life, guaranteed to withstand all chemicals commonly found in waste water and sewer pipes.

The resin PMA uses for patching out-performs traditional resins in terms of substrate bonding, tensile strength and chemical resistance. The resin is 100% solid, making it both user-friendly and environmentally sound.


Quick-Lock is a mechanical alternative to patching, which does not require resin or curing. The sleeve is made from stainless steel and EPDM long-life rubber materials. Quick-Lock can be installed horizontally or vertically, above or below the water line and is suitable for sewer, stormwater or industrial applications.

Quick-Lock is used for:
• Cracked systems
• Fragmented pipes
• Infiltration and exfiltration
• Root intrusion
• Leaks
• Overcoming joint displacement

Rehabilitating Pipes In A New Housing Development

PMA recently completed a package of pipe rehabilitation works as part of a new residential development in Beverage.

The package included 54 rehab projects in total, consisting of a combination of Patching, Quicklock and Relining as well as CCTV inspections.

This project demonstrates PMA’s method of selecting the right solution for each defect to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Pipe Relining REPAIRS

Where a drain line or pipe is damaged along the entire line, relining may be a more appropriate solution than patching. PMA currently offers two methods of pipe relining.

UV Relining

UV Relining is a pipe repair method using a train of ultraviolet lights in the curing process. It is ideal for pipes from 150-1500mm in diameter. A liner is installed into the pipe and pressurised with air. The UV light train then travels down the pipe heating and curing the liner so that it sets solid.

This method of relining delivers a proven, efficient method that delivers a lining with long-lasting structural integrity, extending an asset’s life by up to 100 years.

Spiral Wound Relining

PMA also delivers spiral relining as an alternative pipe repair method. Spiral relining is ideal for assets like active sewer lines which still require water to flow while the liner is installed.

The spiral relining method does not require curing or heat, but is made up of a continuous strip of PVC material which is designed to interlock with itself, forming the liner.


PMA operates robotic technology for pipe maintenance and rehabilitation including grinding, cutting, and high pressure water jetting.

This robotic water jetting and grinding technology is ideal for the removal of roots, concrete waste, grease, fat, scaling and hardened calcium or in the process of other rehabilitation works, like relining.

PMA for your Pipe Rehabilitation Needs

Pipe Management Australia is ready to support organisations by repairing and rehabilitating their critical drain infrastructure. If you need pipe repairs on the Australian east coast, make Pipe Management Australia your go to supplier.

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