Our Vac Trucks are the Sunshine Coast’s Solution for Drain Cleaning and Vacuum Excavation

Pipe Management Australia’s vac trucks and combo units provide essential services to the  Sunshine Coast. Our clients rely on our specialised utility management and expert project services. This is due to our purpose-built, state-of-the-art, and technologically advanced fleet of combination vacuum trucks and recyclers. Our vehicles enable us to handle drain cleaning, vacuum excavation, asset maintenance and a variety of other pivotal services with ease, no matter how complicated or arduous. 

While our resources are state-of-the-art, it is our expert team that drives our vac truck fleet’s success to maximum potential through their advanced knowledge and hands-on experience in the field. That’s why we have highly skilled vacuum truck operators. Combining our purpose-built vehicles and over two hundred trained staff members brings out the best talent in Pipe Management. As a result, we have unlocked the ability to produce outcomes at a far higher quality and level than that of our competitors in the industry. Our dedicated and highly skilled team hold an abundance of industry knowledge, which in combination with some of the newest and most advanced technology enables PMA to deliver service quality above the industry standard.

Features of Our Sunshine Coast Vac Trucks

The vac trucks that PMA owns and operates on the Sunshine Coast are some of the most advanced purpose-built vehicles in the industry. These combo drain cleaning and NDD units have been specifically tailored to cover a range of services to serve utilities, asset managers and infrastructure projects across the coast. We follow our vision of consistently providing clients with the most effective solutions. For this reason, we ensure we’ll deliver for clients unmatched specialised services. We invest heavily in our equipment and vehicles to meet and exceed the industry standard and will continue to do so through further technological advances within industry equipment. Our team adheres to a strict maintenance regime and upgrades and replaces the vehicles and equipment whenever necessary to ensure quality is delivered to our clients.

Currently, our fleet includes recyclers, non-destructive digging (NDD) units, combination drain cleaning units and dry vac units as well as a range of other vac trucks. We can handle stormwater, sewer, and conduit pipe maintenance and cleaning. We also utilise our Combo Drain Cleaners for Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) and culvert cleaning. Additionally, we provide hydro excavation for locating underground services, as well as vacuum loading liquid or dry waste.

Our vac truck units come fully equipped with an extensive range of nozzles and fittings ready to complete drain cleaning and hydro excavation tasks. These include pressure jets, root cutters, chain flails, bomb nozzles and warthogs for drain cleaning and root cutting. Our hydro-excavation pumps are the best in the business and can release an impressive 22-35 litres per minute at 4000psi. Here at PMA, we invest in quality to provide quality, which is reflected in our client testimonials and strong ongoing client relationships.

Vac Truck Sunshine Coast
Vac Truck Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Drains – Our Vac Trucks’ Target

Pipe Management Australia boasts one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading vac truck fleets. With our fleet’s technology, we can execute projects to meet your needs and expectations. We have been in the industry for over twenty years. In this time, we have developed and refined industry leading techniques for drain cleaning and hydro excavation. 

Our team is well-prepared to help our Sunshine Coast clients with any vac truck needs, small, medium or large. We have non-destructive diggers for smaller vacuum and hydro excavation jobs, should you require underground service location. We also have combination vac units perfect for drain maintenance, vacuum loading or pressure jetting. PMA are prepared for any and all situations to ensure client needs are met. Our fleet and team are advanced and ready regardless of the challenge.


With a fleet of vac trucks, vacuum excavators, recyclers, and other top-of-the-line vehicles, PMA is ready to serve you on the Sunshine Coast...


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Vac Truck Sunshine Coast
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