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The Gold Coast now has access to a leading and professional vacuum excavation service provider. Pipe Management Australia (PMA) is a leader in the vacuum excavation and utility management industry. We have over 100 years of combined leadership experience in navigation and the anticipation of utility-related problems including locating underground services. Throughout that duration, we built a reputation for being the most trusted and dominant force in the business. PMA operate to a high level of professionalism, trusted by local governments, utilities and large infrastructure projects to rely on us for their vacuum excavation needs. Building these reliable and trusted relationships within our communities are at the core of our operations.

We built our reputation without straying from our vision of consistently providing the most effective solutions. Our team consists of more than two hundred extremely skilled experts who work with this objective in mind every day. As a result, we work together as one team, and one company, with one vision despite the size of our team. We supply high quality services that create and maintain meaningful client relationships. 

Our Gold Coast Vacuum Excavation Process 

Vacuum excavation is also known as non-destructive digging, potholing or hydro excavation. Vacuum excavation is used on the Gold Coast in construction to identify the location of key underground services including utilities such as NBN, water, power, gas or other hidden services. Locating these services prior to excavating is a priority as it reduces the likelihood of damage to these services. Conducting vacuum excavation significantly reduces the risk of service disruption to the Gold Coast community and environment.

We begin by digging a pothole using water and suctioning away the dirt with minimal disruption and disturbance to the environment. Our operators then proceed to uncover any still underground surfaces. Our trucks are equipped with high-pressure water jets, which we use to displace the soil. Once the service is identified and the client is satisfied, PMA can either install conduits for inspection, or provide backfill and turf to restore the site.

This entire procedure is non-destructive and minimises risks to the people and environment involved.

Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast1
Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast

A Professional Vacuum Excavation Company on the Gold Coast 

While the Gold Coast and South East Queensland boast a variety of vacuum truck operators performing vacuum excavation, there is only one PMA. Our vacuum trucks come complete with a full range of nozzles and fittings, whether performing drain cleaning or vacuum excavation. This means we can likely complete the work in a single visit.

PMA also serves a number of government clients on contracts requiring our vehicles to adhere to a strict maintenance regime, while including a significant number of new and advanced vehicles. Additionally, PMA operators are highly trained and experienced in vacuum excavation as well as the operation of their vehicles. Using PMA means vehicles are less likely to break down or encounter issues on site, keeping your project on time and on budget.

With our professional, highly skilled team and advanced machinery handling your vacuum excavation projects on the Gold Coast, you can rest assured your projects will be completed safely and in a timely manner.


Experience the PMA difference in vacuum excavation by hiring our highly qualified Gold Coast team to complete your vacuum excavation or NDD projects. Contact us now for safe and seamless location services...


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Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast
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