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This week, Pipe Management Australia (PMA) celebrates 10 years of excellence in utilities management services, from stormwater management to hydro-excavation, on Australia’s East Coast.

The Early Days

Luke Moore and Justin Johansen founded PMA in 2010, operating out of Sydney’s South West.

Johansen recalls how PMA came about.

“Luke and I both worked together in the industry from the early 2000’s and in 2010 discussed the idea of starting a company and buying a Combination Drain Cleaning unit as we both needed to use them in our other businesses. On the 20th of August 2010 we launched PMA with the vision of 5 trucks in 5 Years!”

PMA's first vehicle, COM1 remains in service to this day.
PMA’s first vehicle, COM 1, remains in service to this day.

“10 years on we now have close to 50 trucks.”

Their vision was simple and remains the fabric of PMA today: to consistently provide the most effective solution for clients.

“Drawing on our individual experiences running our own sewer, stormwater and waste management companies, Justin and I created PMA with an unwavering vision to always provide the right solution for clients,” says Moore.

PMA in New Zealand conducting drain cleaning after the Christchurch Earthquake in 2011

PMA Today

Johansen explains, “For 10 years now, we have been helping cities, councils and private organisations to identify, solve and maintain the flow of stormwater and sewer drain networks.”

Today, PMA operates across four depots on the East Coast of Australia and serves some of Australia’s largest councils, water utilities, private industry and infrastructure projects. The team has swelled to over eighty staff members across four depots in Queensland and NSW.

One of our PMA combo units vacuum loading at Barangaroo, Sydney in 2012 .

Clients Remain the Focus

Despite the rapid growth, PMA has maintained their focus on the client. Josh Vella from Velco utilised PMA’s services for a project in Bundaberg, Queensland. Vella recalls his experience as a customer,

“We were more than happy with the professionalism that was shown by the PMA crew that worked on the project.

The trucks arrived on site 10 minutes before the start time to ready for the work, the second truck arrived 10 minutes early as well. Crews worked with commitment and a good attitude to get the work done safely and timely.”

Johansen describes how the PMA team is able to deliver consistent value for clients, “We work with our customers to fully understand the objectives of their projects and deliver what they need using state of the art equipment. We provide experienced professional operators and draw on the substantial experience of our senior management team.”

PMA team members conducting an onsite review.

In thinking about the anniversary and PMA’s accomplishments over the last 10 years, Luke Moore summed,

“Justin and I are extremely proud of our team’s achievements in what we’ve been able to deliver for clients in the last 10 years. We are looking forward to accomplishing even greater things in the years to come.”

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