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TYPE OF PROJECT: Recovering Truck rollover Spill from waterway.
WHEN: April, 2020


On the afternoon of Wednesday April 8 road network management leader DM Roads sought the assistance of Pipe Management Australia following a truck roll over on the Great Western Highway at Pendle Hill in Western Sydney. The accident led to 30,000 litres of silica grout liquid spilling into the stormwater causeway and entering into the main drainage system and into the waterway.


The urgency of this job demanded an immediate and coordinated response that would require a multi-vehicle fleet and a large team. The work involved operating near a busy arterial road during peak evening traffic, and time was of the essence in order to ensure all contaminated liquid could be contained and removed from the waterway.


Through our emergency response team, the PMA crew and Combo Drain Cleaning units were on the road within an hour and headed for the spill site from the company’s NSW headquarters in Ingleburn. Over the next 48 hours, four PMA trucks and up to eight PMA staff worked round the clock to remove the large volume of waste liquid that had entered the drainage system before it moved into the waterway.

Using its fleet of purpose-built, state of the art large combination drain cleaning and recycling units, PMA removed all the stormwater containing the potentially dangerous silica grout liquid from the waterway.

As a leading utilities management service provider serving the east coast of Australia, PMA looked beyond simply solving the problem at hand for DM Roads. The management team looked at where they could provide proactive, additional value to the client and investigated the possibility of recycling the spilled product with the assistance of Bulk Recovery Solutions, one of PMA’s waste facility partners.

PMA Director Justin Johansen sought Bulk Recovery Solutions’ guidance on the possibility of comingling the waste material with other admixtures to be reused in the form of concrete blocks.

Bulk Recovery Solutions, a licensed EPA waste facility and one of NSW’s leading waste operations for the treatment of solid and liquid waste, analysed the waste material and determined that it could be recycled into concrete blocks.


By acting quickly and cohesively using industry-leading knowledge and cutting-edge equipment, PMA solved the time critical problem for DM Roads with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. All contaminated material was promptly removed from the drainage system and waterway in a tireless, round-the-clock effort.

But PMA’s commitment to the customer and to finding new ways to add value drove the team to go further for DM Roads. Unprompted and with the help of Bulk Recovery Solutions, PMA was able to return 30 new concrete blocks back to DM Roads to be used for future RMS projects. As a company, PMA prides itself on keeping its clients one step ahead – whatever the job. PMA delivered on this commitment for DM Roads.

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