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Pipe Management Australia (PMA) has acquired the Cleanwater Group with the two companies uniting to deliver unparalleled stormwater solutions for clients and clean up Australia’s waterways.

The Cleanwater Group was founded by Doug Yardley in 2001 and has developed core competencies across waterway clean-ups, circular waste management, stormwater asset maintenance and data capture.

Doug Yardley
Doug Yardley

Doug describes why he started the Cleanwater Group, “I knew I needed to quit my corporate lifestyle when I realised the reality of plastic pollution we were facing. The thought of my children not having the same clean and healthy water to swim in that I had experienced as a child drove me to develop Cleanwater Group and take it to where it is today.”

PMA officially acquired the Cleanwater Group on September 1, 2022.

Doug and the Cleanwater team will play an active role with PMA well into the future beyond the acquisition. Doug explains,

“I’ve long had a passion for restoring waterways in Australia. With the combined strength of our two organisations joining together, I’m looking forward to seeing this goal come to fruition on a much greater scale.”

PMA CEO, Justin Johansen explains why the Cleanwater Group is so vital to PMA’s mission, “Doug and his team have done an amazing job, not only at building a suite of valuable products and services but also a culture of community engagement on a grassroots level which has educated the public on how they can make a difference.”

The acquisition makes a lot of sense, as both companies share the unified goal for cleaner waterways. Pipe Management Australia has been working with local councils for over a decade in the management of their stormwater networks. Likewise, the Cleanwater Group has developed a proprietary gross pollutant trap (GPT) system, the Drain Buddy, used by local councils, property managers and shopping centres across Australia.

Drain Buddy
The Drain Buddy

The outcome is promising for the Clients of both organisations. Cleanwater Group’s Clients will now have access to PMA’s full suite of Specialist Rehabilitation, Location, Investigation and Cleaning services. PMA’s clients will now have access to more tools for cleaning waterways and stormwater networks, as well as access to the Drain Buddy GPT solution.

Justin Johansen described the real benefit behind PMA’s acquisition of the Cleanwater Group,

“We’re excited about the acquisition as we bring the two organisations together to form a synergy in forging a more sustainable future for Australia’s waterways.”

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