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Brisbane’s Convoy for Kids put on another spectacular event on November 4 2023, and Pipe Management Australia (PMA) made a splash with our participation. Nine powerful Cappellotto combination jet vac units were at the forefront of PMA’s convoy, showcasing our commitment to both the industry and our community.

The Convoy for Kids:

Brisbane’s Convoy for Kids has become a hallmark event, drawing participants and spectators alike to support a noble cause. The event is not just about the convoy itself but is a celebration of community spirit, bringing people together for a day of fun and philanthropy. In 2023, PMA is adding its own unique touch to the convoy, bringing in state-of-the-art equipment to highlight its dedication to excellence.

For 2023, the financial beneficiary of this event was Hummingbird House, which delivers best practice paediatric palliative care for children affected by life-limiting conditions and their families. Hummingbird House provides access to short break stays, family support services, creative therapies, and care at the end of life, and works to meet the needs of each individual child and their family. It costs over $4.4 million each year to operate Hummingbird House as a free service to Queenslanders and their families; this year PMA are proud to be involved in the Brisbane Convoy for Kids to help children in need and struggling families.

PMA's Cappellotto units participating in Brisbane's Convoy for Kids 2023

PMA’s Cappellotto Combination Jet Vac Units:

At the heart of PMA’s convoy presence were nine Cappellotto combination jet vac units. These cutting-edge machines represent the pinnacle of technology in the pipeline management industry. Designed for efficiency and precision, these units seamlessly combine high-pressure water jetting and powerful vacuum capabilities to tackle even the toughest pipeline challenges.

These units play a crucial role in PMA’s day-to-day operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of pipelines across various sectors. By showcasing these machines in the Convoy for Kids, PMA aimed to not only highlight its technological prowess but also to raise awareness about the importance of pipeline management in ensuring a safe and reliable infrastructure.

Community Engagement:

PMA Driver smiling at Redcliffe Showgrounds after Brisbane Convoy for Kids 2023

Beyond the impressive display of machinery, PMA’s participation in the Convoy for Kids underscores its commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. The event provided an opportunity for PMA to connect with the local community, fostering relationships and demonstrating its dedication to making a positive impact beyond business operations.

John Adamo is our National Delivery Manager at PMA who was one of our drivers participating in the Brisbane Convoy for Kids. He shared why he was keen to get behind this cause…

“I believe we can all give time to make a difference for the kids and for such a worthy cause. No matter how busy we are in our day to day lives, it doesn’t take much effort to help others in need. This event provides smiles, happiness and support to sick children and their families; it really highlights Queensland’s community spirit.”

John Adamo, National Delivery Manager at PMA.

Educational Outreach:

PMA Trucks at the Redcliffe Showgrounds after Brisbane Convoy for Kids 2023

As part of the Convoy for Kids event, visitors had the opportunity to get up close with PMA’s vehicles and learn about the work they do in delivering regular maintenance across stormwater and sewer networks. This was a great demonstration of the role these advanced Cappellotto units play in keeping essential services running smoothly.

Pipe Management Australia’s involvement in Brisbane’s Convoy for Kids is a testament to our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and social responsibility. The showcase of nine Cappellotto combination jet vac units not only highlighted PMA’s technological prowess but also served as a platform for educating the public about the vital role of pipeline management in maintaining the integrity of essential infrastructure. As the convoy rolled out on November 4, PMA stood ready to contribute to both the festivities and the greater good.

The convoy began on Paradise Road, Pallara where PMA joined an expected fleet of over 800 trucks in travelling 65km to the Redcliffe Showgrounds. For spectators of the truck show, Redcliffe Showground gates opened at 9:00am and the convoy arrival commenced around 9:30am. Thank you to those who joined PMA and many others in raising awareness and funds for Children’s Charity while spending time with family for a day that was full of fun, including watching the Convoy trucks as they rolled in, the Truck Show, rides, entertainment, markets and much more.

Donations are still open to support Brisbane Convoy for Kids 2023. Get behind a great cause and donate here.

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