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John Holland CPB Contractors Joint Venture (JHCPB)

Industry: Construction

Project Type: NDD, Drain Cleaning, CCTV, Culvert Cleaning, Barrier Dams, Robotics, Rehabilitation

Pipe Management Australia were engaged in 2019 to assist in the development of the Rozelle Interchange project. PMA has deployed our advanced fleet to provide scopes of work for the establishment of the project totaling in over 35km of tunnel length.

The Rozelle Interchange project, located in Sydney, Australia, is a transformative urban infrastructure initiative aimed at easing traffic congestion and enhancing transportation efficiency. This complex undertaking involves the development of a new underground motorway network beneath the inner-western suburbs, connecting the Iron Cove Bridge to the Anzac Bridge.

The interchange aims to streamline traffic flow, reduce travel times, and improve overall connectivity in the region. With a focus on sustainability and urban planning, the project incorporates green spaces and community-friendly designs. Scheduled to be a crucial component of Sydney’s evolving transportation landscape, the Rozelle Interchange project represents a significant investment in the city’s future mobility and urban development.


PMA were successful in securing the “Service Locating and Non-Destructive Digging Hire” contract and were engaged to assist in the identification of existing underground services. In order to comply with relevant rules, regulations and code of practice, underground services should be located before excavation commences on infrastructure projects.

PMA recognised that the most effective and safest way to complete this work is through Non-Destructive Digging. A number of our fleet vehicles were deployed over the course of the project. Their high-pressure and pin needle rotating gun nozzles were utilised to precisely and safely identify underground services, providing vital momentum in the beginning of the project.

PMA conducted NDD works to assist in locating underground assets.
PMA conducted NDD works to assist in locating underground assets.


PMA patching crews conducting patch rehabilitation works.
PMA patching crews conducting patch rehabilitation works.

After being a successful partner and contributor to the first phase of development, PMA were engaged to continue works on the Rozelle Interchange Project as a result of our diverse service offerings and skilled operators. These extended services included works on CCTV inspections, drain cleaning, robotics, pipe rehabilitation, tunnel cleaning as well as the use of a barrier dam. These different scopes of work had three tunnel permissions with the main hub being located in the Rozelle Interchange. Regardless of the hurdles that were presented in this project, PMA had the equipment and skilled staff to always offer viable, actionable solutions.


Difficult ground conditions consisting of sandstone and rock made it harder for excavation. This was countered by PMA’s advanced equipment and our extensive array of nozzles to assist in effective digging.

During this project, some drain cleaning aspects were made more challenging by flame traps being present. Flame traps are designed to prevent flames from spreading inside underground drainage pipes in the case of a fire. This is done by the p-shaped siphon in the trap that is guarded by the presence of water. This is a crucial element of underground tunnels to ensure the prevention of flames spreading to the drainage system in the case of a collision resulting in fire. While important, flame traps make it more difficult to access the drainage systems to clean and patch. However, PMA had the creativity and ability to utilise our diverse combo units and robotic units to access and conquer this hurdle.

This project presented some challenges around contaminated soil. PMA ensured and acted on allocating separate waste disposal areas and gathering professional advice from a hygienist to ensure the safety of all on-site.

A section of this project was operating within a wet area, which hindered efficient progress. PMA provided our unique barrier dam solution to create a dry and safe workspace to increase the efficiency of the job.


Despite working through the unprecedented COVID outbreak, PMA were able to adapt to the working conditions and staffing shortages to deliver a number of our key solutions to provide a highly satisfactory result for our valued Client. With construction set to be completed in late 2023, it is clear that regardless of the difficulties encountered on-site, PMA is able to rise to the challenge and deliver a quality solution for our Client.

PMA worker conducting NDD with our advanced fleet and equipment.
PMA worker conducting NDD with our advanced fleet and equipment.

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